May 2018

News Posted

Payroll like clockwork

29th May 2018
Managing Payroll is one of those core business functions that you might believe is better kept in-house, but as our new Payroll Bureau Manager Joanne Gibson informs you, there is a compelling case for outsourcing it. As a business owner you will know that employing a workforce requires a good understanding of your legal obligations...

Position Vacant – Office Junior

24th May 2018
As one of the largest accountancy firms in the Scottish Borders, our team of experts have an unrivalled wealth of experience, providing clients with a full range of specialist accountancy and financial services, therefore this is a great opportuntiy for those interested in a career in administraion, business management and accountancy. The work base for...


2nd May 2018
The new Scottish tax rates left taxpayers pretty confused over how they would work with tax relief for pension contributions. What are HMRC saying about this? Kevin Crowford takes a closer look. When the new Scottish five-tier tax rates were announced there was no mention of how this would fit in with the UK three-tier...


1st May 2018
VAT rules for cars used in your business are notoriously strict but for some types of motor running expenses, they are surprisingly generous. John Craig explains what are they and how can you take maximum advantage of them? Except in the rare situation that you can prove to HMRC that a car is used 100%...