May 2019

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Vat on sales to account customers

Are you ready for the new Reverse Charge?

31st May 2019
If you are a businesses involved in the supply of construction services, from 1st October 2019, you will need to change how you account for VAT. This is when the Construction Services Domestic Reverse Charge (CSDRC) is introduced, VAT expert John Craig takes a closer look. If you are a supplier making a supply of...
Letting out space in your premises

Letting out space in your premises?

2nd May 2019
You have reviewed your business premises and realise that you have surplus space that could potentially be sub-let to another business. But what are the VAT issues that need to be considered before you make this decision? Kevin Ferguson  takes a closer look. LIABILITY OF RENTAL INCOME The starting point is that income you receive...