October 2019

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31st October 2019
Claim VAT on a new house build? Q. My wife and I have just bought a plot of land. We intend to build a new house on the land and sell it. Can we register for VAT and claim input tax on our building costs? A. The answer is yes, but there are two important...

Machu Picchu Challenge

30th October 2019
  Hi folks Well here I am back at work and settled in to the old routine again. Just thought I’d let you know…. we did it !  It still doesn’t seem real but I attach photo’s taken at the beginning, middle (highest point of the trail) and end (x2) of our trek, as proof....

Input tax on computers for homeworking

29th October 2019
Your business has agreed that some employees will become homeworkers and has provided laptops to assist them. What VAT issues must you consider with these laptops? John Craig discusses the implications. Homeworking If you provide your employees with a computer and there is no business use, the tax you pay to the supplier is not...
Joanne Gibson Head of Payroll

Paying a director off the record

29th October 2019
You’ve engaged the services of a non-executive director (NED) to bring specialist expertise to your company. She says she’s freelance and has asked for her fees to be paid free of tax and NI. Is that OK or do you run the risk of trouble with HMRC? Joanne Gibson looks at the implications. The role...

Does giving children shares now save you tax in the long term?

28th October 2019
Your long-term plan is for your children to take over the family company but they are far too young at the moment. Nevertheless, is it worth giving them shares in the business now as a tax-saving measure? Brona MacDougall advises. For almost as long as income tax has existed, parents have tried different ways to...

Selling your business – how to avoid tax traps

25th October 2019
You’re selling your business and as part of the deal you’ll stay on in a managerial role for three years. You’ll then be paid an additional sum based on the profits made over that period. How should you structure the payment to avoid tax traps? Our Senior Tax Manager Brona MacDougall provides advice on the...

October Q&A

1st October 2019
Is hiring golf clubs to a non-resident taxable? Q. We hire golf clubs to private individuals. A customer came into our shop last week and insisted that the fee for hiring a set of golf clubs for a week should not be subject to VAT because he is a US resident. He produced evidence of...