October 2021

News Posted

Contactless payment limit is £100

14th October 2021
In April 2020 the contactless payment limit was raised from £30 to £45. To help businesses recover following the pandemic, the limit has now been raised again, this time to £100. Although the change is already effective, banks and firms will need to make the necessary changes to their systems and contactless payment terminal software....

The tax implications of writing off loans

12th October 2021
An employee who is being made redundant has asked his employer to write off their outstanding training costs loan as part of their redundancy termination package. But what are the tax implications here?  Tax Expert Brona MacDougall explains. Where a loan to an employee is written off by the employer for any reason, HMRC treats...

When is selling land or buildings “trading”?

8th October 2021
The First-tier Tribunal recently ruled on whether profit made from the sale of land bought as part of a residential property was taxable as trading income or capital gains. What was the outcome and why?  Brona MacDougall looks at this in more detail. The dispute The case of Heather Whyte v HMRC followed a long...