December 2022

News Posted

The tax advantages of electric vehicles

8th December 2022
Following huge rises in petrol and diesel prices, you may be wondering if now is the time to make the switch to electric company cars, as you understand there are tax benefits in doing so. But what tax breaks are available?  Charley Fojcik discusses. Where an employee has a company car which is available for...

December Q&A

6th December 2022
Is there a new workplace pension scheme? Q. We’ve heard that employers are now able to enrol their employees into a different type of workplace pension scheme. Is this correct? A. Previously, employers were only able to offer their employees defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit pension schemes. However, following changes brought about by the...

Rugby club income

5th December 2022
A VAT-registered rugby club will be paid £15,000 each year from an insurance company in return for the right to purchase the club’s entitlement to tickets for international matches. Is this subject to VAT?  Gail Trojan discusses below. VAT is defined as a tax on the supply of goods or services made in the UK...