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Retail therapy

20th September 2018
As a retailer, it is very likely that you will on occasion run special offers and promotions to boost sales, but what do you need to consider in order to avoid unexpected VAT consequences? JRW’s Bob Johnstone provides you with some good advice. Correct amount Normally VAT is due on the price charged if that...

STEP – Advising families across generations

18th September 2018
As a global association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning, JRW Tax Manager Brona MacDougall is now a Trust and Estate Practitioner or ‘TEP’ in the Borders, the designation given to full members of STEP. STEP members help families plan for their futures and as specialists in inheritance and succession planning,...

Are you ready for Making Tax Digital?

30th August 2018
Making Tax Digital is without doubt the most significant change to the UK tax system in a generation and businesses really do need to take action now. We look at the implications and provide a valuable checklist for the transition across to the new system. The new digital method of tax collection and administration known...

The Scottish tax system – a perfect marriage

1st August 2018
The new five rate Scottish tax system has thrown up some problems since it was introduced, this time it’s a twist in the way that Marriage Allowance works. Some people will lose, whilst others will gain, but how can you work out which group you’re in? Brona MacDougall takes a closer look. As you will...
Joanne Gibson Head of Payroll

A ‘worker’ not self employed

27th July 2018
As you might have seen in the news recently, The Supreme Court has upheld earlier decisions confirming an individual’s claim that he was a ‘worker’ and not self-employed. But what are the tax and NI consequences of this ruling? Joanne Gibson discusses the Pimlico Plumbers case and its decision on employment status. The long-running and...

Clever Planning for Inheritance Tax

27th June 2018
Inheritance Tax could potentially cost your loved one’s hundreds of thousands of pounds, yet it is possible to dramatically reduce this or even to pay none at all. Brona MacDougall our Senior Tax Manager provides you with some superb advice for effective IHT planning. Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax on the estate of someone...

Childcare Vouchers are Changing

11th June 2018
Childcare Vouchers are an employee benefit for all eligible working parents but with the current system changing in October, anyone thinking about it should act now. Joanne Gibson takes a closer look. Childcare Vouchers are a Government approved, tax-efficient way of paying for childcare and are an employee benefit for all eligible working parents. And...

Cycle to work schemes

1st June 2018
The better weather has finally arrived, and you are thinking about introducing a Cycle to Work scheme in your workplace. There are several options available to you including ready-made cycle schemes, the DIY alternative or a mixture of both. Bob Johnstone takes a closer look at the pros and cons. Cycle to work exemption You...
Joanne Gibson Head of Payroll

Payroll like clockwork

29th May 2018
Managing Payroll is one of those core business functions that you might believe is better kept in-house, but as our new Payroll Bureau Manager Joanne Gibson informs you, there is a compelling case for outsourcing it. As a business owner you will know that employing a workforce requires a good understanding of your legal obligations...


2nd May 2018
The new Scottish tax rates left taxpayers pretty confused over how they would work with tax relief for pension contributions. What are HMRC saying about this? Kevin Crowford takes a closer look. When the new Scottish five-tier tax rates were announced there was no mention of how this would fit in with the UK three-tier...