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EV charging, what’s changed?

1st December 2023
HMRC has recently changed its guidance on electric vehicle (EV) charging costs. If you are an employer who followed HMRC’s original guidance, what steps should you now take?  Audrey Rankine explains. After a long wait HMRC has corrected its guidance on the tax and NI treatment of payments by employers to employees for electric vehicle...

Full expensing explained

31st October 2023
You have heard that all equipment bought for your business now qualifies for 100% relief as a deductible expense, so there’s no need to keep a separate record of it as expenditure. Is this correct and why does it matter? Naomi Swan provides the answer. The Spring Budget 2023 introduced full expensing which temporarily applies...

Corporation Tax and Associates

3rd October 2023
The main rate of corporation tax increased to 25% from 1 April 2023. The relevant thresholds must be shared between companies that are Associated, which means the increase will affect some businesses more than others. Is there a way around the problem?  Kenny Logan from our Edinburgh Office explains here in this article. Since April...

Workplace Charging Scheme

3rd October 2023
Are you thinking about making the move to electric company cars and vans or looking to provide more electric vehicle (EV) charging points for your workers’ own cars?  Naomi Swan advises below. Then you should consider taking advantage of the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). It’s a voucher-based scheme that provides eligible businesses with support towards...

Is entertainment deductible?

2nd October 2023
You are the sole shareholder and director of a growing company. After a good year, you want to celebrate with the employees who helped and worked with you over the year. Will HMRC allow tax relief if you put the expense of entertaining everyone through the business?  Kenny Logan from our Edinburgh office outlines the...
Kenny Logan, Associate JRW

Benefits v dividends?

1st September 2023
As an owner manager of a company, taking income from it in the most tax and NI-efficient way is probably a top priority. The general view is that dividends are the best option, but when might benefits in kind be better?  Kenny Logan from our Edinburgh office takes a closer look. Benefits in kind are...

Claiming Private Residence Relief

11th August 2023
Two property owners are about to sell residential property. One has lived in their property intermittently whilst working in the UK and overseas, whereas the other has never lived in their property at all. How could both owners potentially claim private residence relief (PRR) in full? Our Head of Tax Christiaan Hansen advises. Owner number...

Is a summer function a taxable event?

4th August 2023
You want to hold a summer event to entertain your employees and to improve morale. But you are unsure what the tax and NI position will be?  Gail Trojan advises. Normally, business entertainment is not a tax-deductible expense. However, the cost of entertaining employees (including directors), such as by having a staff party, is an...
Pool car

Are pool cars considered a perk?

26th June 2023
Much is made of the tax savings that can be achieved by convincing HMRC that a car or van used by employees for work is a pool vehicle. But even if a pool car is not used for any private journeys, there are still plenty of hoops to jump through. Naomi Swan looks at this...

Saving VAT on property conversion costs

22nd June 2023
Susan owns an unoccupied commercial property. She plans to convert it into two flats on the upper floors and a retail unit on the ground floor, which she’ll let. How much of the VAT paid on the conversion costs can she reclaim? VAT Expert John Craig explains. There is good news, even though Susan is...