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SURF – Self-Assessment repayment claim verification letters

7th April 2021
HMRC’s new refund verification system looks disconcertingly like a scam. We have had several clients recently receive SURF1 and SURF2 letters from HMRC in response to 2019/20 tax returns that requested a refund. The SURF1 is being sent mainly to people who are newly registered in self assessment and it is a fraud prevention tactic....

How to reduce your corporation tax bill

23rd March 2021
Your company’s financial year ends soon. Despite the difficult trading conditions over the last year the accounts will show a profit. But what steps can you take to legitimately reduce the corporation tax bill? Joanne Gibson advises. Generally, expenses that your company incurs are tax deductible. However, special rules mean that tax relief for some...

Incentive for ‘green’ cars extended

22nd March 2021
Despite the financial pressures caused by the pandemic, the government has gone ahead with the planned extension to tax breaks for environmentally friendly vehicles. What might this mean for your business? Bob Johnstone advises. Businesses wanting to take advantage of the capital allowances (CAs) tax break for environmentally friendly cars and other vehicles have been...

Avoiding the Gift Aid tax trap

21st March 2021
You recently saw a press article about tax and Gift Aid donations, it said that people who donate to charity and whose income has been hit by coronavirus can face unexpected tax bills. Are you at risk of this? Helen Johnstone provides the answer. As you probably know, under the Gift Aid scheme charities and...

Switching dividends for pension contributions?

24th February 2021
Generally speaking, if you are a director shareholder, dividends are the most tax-efficient way to extract profit from your company. However, company and personal circumstances can change that, so are pension contributions worth considering too? Partner and Tax expert Brona MacDougall takes a closer look. Since 2016, the government has introduced a number of measures...

Sold your house? When do you need to report this to HMRC?

11th February 2021
You sold your house and moved to a new one a few weeks ago, you thought all of the paperwork was complete, but someone tells you that you now need to tell HMRC about the sale or face a fine. Are they right? Property expert Wendy Noble provides the answer. The rules for reporting the...

Trading changes following Brexit

11th January 2021
The United Kingdom officially left the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020 and the 11-month transitional period ended on 1 January 2021. There are important changes businesses must now make in order to continue trading with the EU. VAT changes The UK left the EU VAT Territory on 31 December 2020. Following this date,...

Homeworking and heating?

7th January 2021
An employee working from home has asked for a financial contribution towards their winter heating bills because they will be higher this year. Are you obliged to contribute towards a homeworker’s household running costs? Lauren Herbert discusses this in detail. Many businesses have closed their premises and the government has directed that employees should work...

Transferring your business tax efficiently

2nd December 2020
The business you started a couple of years ago has grown, so you’ve formed a company to take over the trade. What steps can you take to make the transition smooth and tax efficient? For small businesses tax savings can be made by operating through a company rather being unincorporated, i.e. a sole trader or...