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Christiaan Hansen, Head of Tax, JRW

Basis Period Reform

7th November 2023
The way we allocate profits to tax years for sole trade and partnership businesses is set to change in the 2023/24 tax year. The current system used to allocate profits was designed in the 1920s and creates a situation whereby businesses that do not have an accounting period that is aligned with the tax year...

Claiming Private Residence Relief

11th August 2023
Two property owners are about to sell residential property. One has lived in their property intermittently whilst working in the UK and overseas, whereas the other has never lived in their property at all. How could both owners potentially claim private residence relief (PRR) in full? Our Head of Tax Christiaan Hansen advises. Owner number...
rental property tax deductions

Breaks in letting periods and tax

11th August 2023
You have a long-standing tenant who has moved out of your buy-to-let property and you haven’t yet found another. You are still incurring costs on the property but as there is no rent coming in, can you continue to claim a tax deduction for them? Naomi Swan from our Tax Department advises. It’s unlikely that...

Is a summer function a taxable event?

4th August 2023
You want to hold a summer event to entertain your employees and to improve morale. But you are unsure what the tax and NI position will be?  Gail Trojan advises. Normally, business entertainment is not a tax-deductible expense. However, the cost of entertaining employees (including directors), such as by having a staff party, is an...

Tax return requirement rises to £150k

21st June 2023
To limit the number of self-assessment (SA) returns HMRC has to process it has changed the criteria for when one is required. If HMRC removes you from SA as a result, should you agree with this? Head of Tax Christiaan Hansen discusses. For 2023/24 and later tax years the self-assessment (SA) income threshold at which...

Key changes for new tax year

2nd June 2023
The 2023/24 tax year is of course now underway and there have been several changes which may affect you.   Head of Tax, Christiaan Hansen provides an overview of the key points, along with our recommendations and advice. Income tax The rates of income tax haven’t been increased; however, the threshold for paying the additional...
rental property tax deductions

Reduce CGT on your buy-to-let

29th May 2023
James owns a residential property which has been let for many years and he is considering selling it but will lose a large amount of the proceeds to HMRC. What are the options for reducing his capital gains tax (CGT) bill? Head of Tax Christiaan Hansen highlights some of the options available. Capital gains James...
Christiaan Hansen, Head of Tax, JRW

Introducing Christiaan Hansen

5th May 2023
We are delighted to welcome highly experienced tax expert Christiaan Hansen to the JRW team. Christian is our new Head of Tax, replacing Brona MacDougall who has gone onto pastures new a little closer to home. Although based in Hawick, Christiaan will bring his considerable tax expertise to clients across all 6 JRW offices as...

Claiming relief when family home has been sold

5th May 2023
Mrs Smith’s mother has recently died. During her final years she lived in a care home and sold her property to pay the fees. Mrs Smith believes she has lost the right to claim the residence nil rate band as a result. What is advised? Head of Tax, Christiaan Hansen advises. Residence nil rate band...

Overseas work and travel expenses

4th May 2023
You are sending an employee overseas for several months to complete a job. They have asked what the tax and NI position will be if they pay for family visits during this period. Head of Tax Christiaan Hansen looks at this in more detail. Commuting You are probably aware that if you pay an employee’s...