Straight from the horse’s mouth

Are serial property sales a business?

7th March 2023
The First-tier Tribunal (FTT) recently considered whether money from property sales was trading income or capital gains, and if private residence relief was due. The FTT ruling provides useful guidance on both issues. What’s the full story? CASE Mr Campbell bought and sold four properties in little over five years. He made a substantial profit...

Payrolling benefits for 2023/24

6th March 2023
An organisation is considering whether to start payrolling benefits for the upcoming tax year. What are the key advantages and disadvantages of doing so and how do you go about it?  Head of Payroll, Joanne Gibson explains further. What is payrolling a benefit? When an employee’s taxable benefit (such as private medical insurance or a...

CGT on the sale of a former holiday let

2nd March 2023
You have decided to sell a property that until two years ago was let as holiday accommodation. Since then, you and your family and friends have used it for the occasional weekend. Does the special lower rate of capital gains tax still apply to the gain you make? As you’re probably aware, higher rates of...
company cars

Time to get rid of your old company car?

1st March 2023
If you’re driving an old petrol company car, you and your company could be paying a lot in tax and NI charges. You could purchase a new electric or low emissions car, but is there a cheaper way to cut your tax bill? Tax breaks for electric cars Whilst sales of electrically powered cars hit...

Clarifying tax-free mileage

2nd February 2023
With increasing fuel costs, employees have been asking whether the amount they are reimbursed for business travel in their own car can be increased. The government has recently clarified its guidance on this. What are the rules?  Naomi Swan discusses below. Tax-free mileage rates The HMRC approved tax-free mileage rates for 2022/23 (which are the...
VAT on homeworking allowances

Do you have overseas staff?

30th January 2023
Brexit and the pandemic resulted in many workers leaving the UK to return to their home country. If you have employees dotted around the globe, what are your payroll obligations?  Head of Payroll Joanne Gibson discusses below. If an employee is not tax resident in the UK, generally you don’t need to deduct PAYE unless...

Are business membership’s deductible?

23rd January 2023
You are planning to join a local business association to help with networking and promotion. This includes access to a monthly dinner with a guest speaker. Does the business entertainment aspect affect the tax deductibility?  Kenny Logan from our Edinburgh office discusses. Quite often, business organisation meetings are also social occasions where food and drinks...

State pension age and NI contributions

18th January 2023
One of your employees will soon reach state pension age, but they’ve decided to postpone their retirement and continue working. What happens about National Insurance contributions in this situation?  Naomi Swan takes a closer look below. The default retirement age which permitted employers to force employees to retire on their 65th birthday, which was the...

Salary v Dividend?

9th January 2023
Following the Autumn Statement which included corporation tax rate increases in April 2023, should you be rethinking your profit extraction strategy for the year?  Head of Payroll Joanne Gibson discusses here. Dividends – first tax increase When the NI rates increased in April 2022, the government introduced a matching increase to the tax rates on...

The tax advantages of electric vehicles

8th December 2022
Following huge rises in petrol and diesel prices, you may be wondering if now is the time to make the switch to electric company cars, as you understand there are tax benefits in doing so. But what tax breaks are available?  Charley Fojcik discusses. Where an employee has a company car which is available for...