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Selling your business – how to avoid tax traps

25th October 2019
You’re selling your business and as part of the deal you’ll stay on in a managerial role for three years. You’ll then be paid an additional sum based on the profits made over that period. How should you structure the payment to avoid tax traps? Our Senior Tax Manager Brona MacDougall provides advice on the...

Tax-efficient rewards for multiple directorships

26th March 2019
As an alternative to salary or dividends, benefits in kind are a potentially tax-efficient option for directors, especially those of multiple companies. But what’s the advantage and when can you use it? Brona MacDougall takes a closer look. Most tax experts will tell you that dividends are the most tax-efficient form of income for director...

Good Work Plan – What does this mean for employers?

6th February 2019
The Government’s ‘Good Work Plan’ was published in December 2018 in response to the Taylor Review, with the heart of its vision stated as being its “commitment to improving quality of work in the UK”. In this article we look at what these new workplace laws will mean for employers. The Government appears to have...

Resolutions worth keeping

3rd January 2019
New Year is of course the time for making resolutions, some of which can be much more successful than others! However, it is also the time of year when business owners can make lasting changes that will improve profitability. What New Year’s resolutions should you consider making for your business? Tighten up your credit control...

STEP – Advising families across generations

18th September 2018
As a global association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning, JRW Tax Manager Brona MacDougall is now a Trust and Estate Practitioner or ‘TEP’ in the Borders, the designation given to full members of STEP. STEP members help families plan for their futures and as specialists in inheritance and succession planning,...
Kevin Crowford, Partner at JRW CA


29th March 2018
You are looking to incorporate your business and you’ve heard that any resulting tax charges can be legitimately mitigated. However, there is tax to pay as Kevin Crowford shows in his latest blog. Undoubtedly one of the main reasons for transferring a sole trader business to a company in which you own shares is tax...


13th March 2018
As an employer, you’ll be aware of the increasing number of obligations when employing and looking after your staff.  But this also has an impact on employing casual workers too, Kevin Ferguson looks at the Tax do’s and don’ts of employing casual workers. You will probably know from experience that these days employers must not...


1st November 2017
Good Succession Planning for family businesses is vital. Succession Planning expert Kevin Crowford looks at why more than 70% of family owned businesses do not survive the transition from founder to second generation and advises that a good succession plan will ease the process and overcome the common obstacles. People are now living longer than...


3rd October 2017
If you are the Director of a company, you will know that the taxation of dividends and benefits in kind has changed quite significantly in recent times. So, if you are considering taking more income from your company, which option should you choose for maximum tax efficiency? But before we do that, let’s look at...