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Employing close family – tax efficient or tax trap?

30th April 2019
Putting spouses and children on the payroll of your business can be tax efficient as long as HMRC are willing to accept the validity of doing so, but where do you stand if they decide to challenge your claim for a tax deduction? Tax expert Brona MacDougall provides you with some very good advice. In...

Pension tax break?

22nd October 2018
After deferring your state pension for a few years you have decided that it’s now time to take it. You have the option of a higher pension or a lump sum. The latter offers the chance of some tax planning but what’s involved? Kevin Ferguson advises. Deferred state pension As you may know, the government...

Are you ready for Making Tax Digital?

30th August 2018
Making Tax Digital is without doubt the most significant change to the UK tax system in a generation and businesses really do need to take action now. We look at the implications and provide a valuable checklist for the transition across to the new system. The new digital method of tax collection and administration known...

The Scottish tax system – a perfect marriage

1st August 2018
The new five rate Scottish tax system has thrown up some problems since it was introduced, this time it’s a twist in the way that Marriage Allowance works. Some people will lose, whilst others will gain, but how can you work out which group you’re in? Brona MacDougall takes a closer look. As you will...

Clever Planning for Inheritance Tax

27th June 2018
Inheritance Tax could potentially cost your loved one’s hundreds of thousands of pounds, yet it is possible to dramatically reduce this or even to pay none at all. Brona MacDougall our Senior Tax Manager provides you with some superb advice for effective IHT planning. Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax on the estate of someone...


2nd May 2018
The new Scottish tax rates left taxpayers pretty confused over how they would work with tax relief for pension contributions. What are HMRC saying about this? Kevin Crowford takes a closer look. When the new Scottish five-tier tax rates were announced there was no mention of how this would fit in with the UK three-tier...
Kevin Crowford, Partner at JRW CA


29th March 2018
You are looking to incorporate your business and you’ve heard that any resulting tax charges can be legitimately mitigated. However, there is tax to pay as Kevin Crowford shows in his latest blog. Undoubtedly one of the main reasons for transferring a sole trader business to a company in which you own shares is tax...